About us

Inspired by the inherent freedom and undercover sense behind the word « DESTRICTED », and the French classic touch of « REVUE », DESTRICTED REVUE is a Paris based crossmedia and crossover publication that opens up the doors of designers and artists deep creativity, allowing everyone to not only witness the creative process, but to respond and contribute creatively.

DESTRICTED REVUE is working with journalists, photographers, filmmakers, cultural figures to create a unique online and offline content, exploring every facet of creativity through photography, moving image, illustration, and the written word.

Contacts :

Karim Zehouane . Editor in chief

e-mail : kz@destrictedrevue.com

Laetitia Allal . Co-editor in chief

e-mail : la@destrictedrevue.com

Serge Derossi . Creative Director


e-mail : pr@destrictedrevue.com


e-mail : ad@destrictedrevue.com