Glacier Party, 2012 - Chrischa Venus Oswald

Glacier Party, 2012

„Glacier Party“ is interested in the artist, the process of creation and the power of transformation.
It´s a performance project in collaboration with NY based painter Jacob Perkins. His desire for creating a painting and a video at the same time was the base of our further artistic investigation. As this dealing with and merging of medium also shows an aspect of transformation it was important that there would be a visible transformation in the picture to stress the time-based-media performance and video.
We created a setting in which the painter will be in the painting and plays an important role in doing so without actually taking action. The actual painting will be created by itself, being triggered by another artist which is me. Also the painter in the painting will be transformed himself through and during the process of creation. The very first setting is an installation of its own, however, that will also be transformed and in some way die whereas this death of the installation is the crucial condition for the life of the painting afterall. The artist, however, is in between. He is the connecting figure exposing himself to a dangerous situation that can´t be controlled.
It´s creating a kind of initiation ceremony where the artist merges with the canvas, connected through the melted wax which functions as a kind of paint. And even when the artist is gone, the artwork will stay and you can see slight traces of him left that are witness to an event.
Concept: Jacob Perkins & Chrischa Oswald
Installation: Jacob Perkins
Video & Editing: Chrischa Oswald
Music: Tom McDonald
Photos: Chrischa Oswald

Interview with Chrischa