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Who is Half moon run ? Who are Devon, Dylan, and Conner ?
Half Moon Run is what Devon, Dylan and Conner have become.
Devon is from Ottawa, and Dylan and Conner are from British Columbia. We've been playing together as a band for almost two years now, and we live in Montreal.

What’s the story behind your name?
The 'story' is long forgotten now ! The name means different things to us all the time, and we hope that our fans feel the same way. On the most basic level, 'half moon run' is of three words that we like hearing next to each other.

Tell us more about your influence ?
Our scope of influences is very vast, and is changing all the time. Certainly we all draw influence from folk music ; at times we consider ourselves a folk band. Dylan and Conner have classical training which certainly influences a musician as well.

What are you listening to as of late?
We just finished the long process of recording our first album, and during that time we were so involved in our own music that none of us really spent much time listening to anything else ! It does seem that Marvin Gaye has been being played quite often lately...


How do you work together, how have your personal tastes developed? Can you explain your creative process?

Our songwriting process is very much a collective one. It starts with some seed of an idea and then we negotiate it as a trio, try to settle a groove, and finalize the parts. Sometimes it takes a few hours and sometimes it takes several months. Lately, as we become more keen on exploring new ways of writing, it has been taking longer to finish songs. The birth of a new idea is certainly one of the most invigorating and rewarding parts of being in a band.


Why Dark Eyes ?
It's a lyric from the song Fire Escape. We like the imagery, and it seems to evoke other themes that come up throughout the album as well.


What is the main idea of your first album?
When songwriting we are constantly surprised with what surfaces in the music. Hardly ever do we approach the writing process any particular direction or idea in mind. As we bounce ideas off each other, new and unique things come up, things that none of us could have imagined beforehand. Each song was written in this way, and so the album reflects that.


What inspires your work? How would you describe your work?

Aside from our individual inspirations and motivations, we are inspired by our capability to make music together, and by the opportunity we have to explore that to the fullest extent. Of course other musicians and the music that we love inspires us as well. In one another we have a tremendous passion in common, and our work can be seen as a bi-product of that


Your cover and your video were realized by Tim Georgeson ? How did you meet him, tell us more about this collaboration.

We were introduced to Tim through Indica Records, our record label. We went out one night into an apple orchard and set off some fireworks and ran around and had a bit of a party while he took pictures !


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