Raised by Wolves

Jim Goldberg : Raised by Wolves

Published on November 27 2013, 23:26

A short film about Jim Goldberg's book 'Raised by Wolves'. Seeing that the book has been out of print and hard to find, the studio decided to try and share this amazing work by making a movie about it/with it. Combining footage and audio from Jim's archive, along with new video made specifically for this project, we hope it tells Dave & Echo's story in a new and exciting way. Big thanks to all our interns who helped out. Edited & animated by Brandon Tauszik - brandontauszik.com

Jim Goldberg :
American, born 1953, lives and works in San Francisco
Jim Goldberg’s innovative use of image and text make him a landmark photographer of our times. He has been working with experimental storytelling for over thirty years, and his major projects include Rich and Poor (1977-85), Raised by Wolves (1985-95), Nursing Home (1986), Coming and Going (ongoing) and Open See (2003-present). Goldberg’s work is consistently presented as a layered, sensory experience that overwhelms the viewer and forces a consideration of artistic form and documentary practice.