EXCLUSIF II: Tim Georgeson X Caia Hagel LOVE HEROES

EXCLUSIF II: Tim Georgeson X Caia Hagel LOVE HEROES

In the first Love Hero story, Superman’s cigarette smoking jaunt through late night Paris, accompanied by moody portraits of uncertain men, cast us out to sea on a raft of questions around identity and contemporary love. Tattoos, roses, fashion, attitude – what helps to make the modern man more desirable? How is sexual fluidity redefining today’s relationships? What are the edges, what is the anatomy, of l’air du temps in metamorphosis? We still aren’t sure, but we are tantalized by the longing to know.(EXCLUSIF :Tim Georgeson X Caia Hagel LOVE HEROES Part I)

In The Incredible Hulk, the second Love Hero story, writer Caia Hagel lures us back to shore, where we enter the portal of heterosexual sex: with a twist. Is sex where gender roles are reversed even hetero, and what happens when heroes become human and women become politicians? These are some of the newest questions the Love Heroes ask us to fall into, among a fresh gallery of photos by Tim Georgeson, whose heroine, Candace’s, struggle-with-dildo verges on the spiritual.

“I love the idea of the Hulk turning out to be a wise sensualist in the domestic setting,” reflects Hagel. “It’s like he’s landed in this perfectly poised erogenous zone now that we’ve let him in from the wilds, among us as a normal person in a society where chaos, violence and decay are culturally contemporary. The next US President may well be a woman – so Candace is an intriguing character, a kind of soft apocalypse, and the Hulk’s approach to her is strangely awe-inspiring. I wonder what she will answer…”.

This second Love Hero quest entreats us to wonder whether love can pioneer political territory and – while drunk on Hulk seduction – whether it has the power to heal our brokenness, after all.


Candice I © Tim Georgeson

I don’t need
David Banner anymore
says The Incredible Hulk in his sleep

I don’t need to hide behind the guise of a civilized man

I can be The Incredible Hulk all the time, as
green and as God-given as
I wish!

he tosses he
twists his heavy body
through the sheets dreaming
this red-green dream

The unconscious of a superhero is a complicated apparatus

these are the words he
wakes with

wake with words
very often so he lays
there and he sucks on them
the way his Mother used to suck
on bones

The phone rings about nine. It’s Candace. She wants to come over for breakfast.

The Incredible Hulk agrees, loosens himself from the abstruse words of night, and in the shower, washes the dream clear out of his body.

Candice II © Tim Georgeson

Candace arrives. She says: The Party wants me to run! They announced my candidacy last night! I got the majority vote!

Hulk says: That’s great news, Candace.

Candace says: Well aren’t you going to kiss me?
(They kiss)
What did you do last night?

Hulk says: I watched you on TV. I would rather have been there in person.

Candace: Oh Hulky, you know I can’t flaunt my personal life out there in the floodlights.

Hulk: I saw other people’s partners with them on TV.

Candace: Yeah, well that’s different.

Candice II © Tim GeorgesonCandice II © Tim GeorgesonCandice II © Tim GeorgesonCandice II © Tim GeorgesonCandice II © Tim GeorgesonCandice II © Tim Georgeson

It always comes down to this.
Sometimes Candace will say it is because they aren’t
married and sometimes she will say it is because she
is on the record as being a single woman and then she
will argue the advantages of singledom in her political

But The Incredible Hulk knows the truth underneath
these fouled earths.

He knows that Candace is ashamed of him
because of it.

Not always, but on
this particular morning he feels like
saying this to her, he feels like confronting
her with this terrible this soiled

But he doesn’t,
because he knows that truth in daylight is not part of their pact.

So he smiles, kisses her again, and goes off to
scramble the

They eat to the sound of her stickiness
humming – Peter has raised
eleven million dollars, Lana is
gathering all the forces of the city’s
socialites, famed Frederik is joining
the team and his record is
exemplary – things couldn’t be
better –

but she ends, as she always
does, in low-beam, with:
It will
be a late night’s work,
but can I
come by after?

Candice I © Tim Georgeson

When Candace is gone, The
Incredible Hulk clears away
her dishes.

He finishes the book he’s reading.
He spends the afternoon in the garden.
He pauses in wonder before the wild beauty of what nature has created in his yard, which
he has taken to tending like the most loyal
of servants.

He loves weeding.

To The Incredible Hulk, weeding is the epitome of therapeutic
gesture because when it is done well, it really is a plucking
of the unnecessary to allow for the essential.
To do it well he knows he has to forget his manners, and
any rules of cultivated man; he knows he has to
be himself.

While weeding, The Incredible Hulk thinks of Candace and
remembers that tenderness will
be required in its utmost

He pulls each weed with incredible

By midnight Candace has returned.
The Incredible Hulk is waiting for her in the dark of the bedroom.
She can see his outline reflecting
in the adjacent pool,
she knows where to reach
for him.

long arm outstretched like

They never speak at this junction. Words
would puncture the energy,
which has to be right for the night
to work.

Candace reaches for him then

Candice IV © Tim GeorgesonCandice IV © Tim Georgeson

Her body
loose and alert

he catches her without a sound.

Candice IV © Tim GeorgesonCandice IV © Tim GeorgesonCandice IV © Tim Georgeson

soil silence filling
as if oil

This is the hardest part
for her, the part she
has had to rehearse
again and again and again
with the relentless encouragement
of The Incredible
who deep inside her, she understands, has
taught her everything she knows about
a woman.
Candice IV © Tim GeorgesonCandice IV © Tim GeorgesonCandice IV © Tim Georgeson

Her fall tonight is perfect

human fall

pricks of


They both feel that not a muscle is taut, not a ligament
is leaning all
of her is

pores pouring

He carries her to the bed and lays her out like a heavy blanket.

He begins at her toes,
soles mingle souls

softening them softer,
sending signals.

He works his way in circles up her body, willing
the feminine in her to rise
up and to form itself

jus soli
jus sanguinis

she, in her mind, goes
Candice III © Tim GeorgesonCandice III © Tim GeorgesonCandice III © Tim Georgeson
By now he’s like every organism that ever lived performing his
mating dance until
her body

fields, fires, bloodstains
Candice III © Tim GeorgesonCandice III © Tim GeorgesonCandice IV © Tim Georgeson

oozes, eases

At moments he sees the folly
of the pandering to men pandemic the
farce of overdressed damsels
outshining themselves
on blowjobs.

Nature never intended it that way.


Candice III © Tim Georgeson

The Incredible Hulk’s dream
resurfaces while
he’s giving Candace
her final
femininity lesson.

The meaning seems suddenly clear to him

in the mirror
from behind

when she climaxes
and the scent of her fills
the room to breaking –
and he knows that
tomorrow she
will have forgotten

and only the part
of her
will have recorded it –

he says out loud

I’m the Beast of Burden, Candace, that’s what
I am: take it
or leave it.

Candice I © Tim GeorgesonCandice II © Tim GeorgesonCandice IV © Tim GeorgesonCandice III © Tim GeorgesonCandice II © Tim GeorgesonCandice III © Tim GeorgesonCandice II © Tim GeorgesonCandice IV © Tim GeorgesonCandice II © Tim GeorgesonCandice IV © Tim GeorgesonCandice III © Tim GeorgesonCandice I © Tim Georgeson

Candace hears the words sees
the glass smells the
smashing but