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Who are you Timo Klos? Tell us a little about you ?

I was born in Bad Hersfeld (middle of Germany) and studied in Offenbach next to Frankfurt. I started to photograph before my studies - about ten years ago- , but it wasn't really artistic, I just got to know the technical stuff. During my studies I tried many things like drawings, paintings, installations with sound, but photography was the medium I found best to express myself.

As a photographer which are your favorite subjects ?

There are many interesting subjects. I always prefer the second glance, things that are not visible so easily.

Are you inspired by contemporary photographers?

Of course, there is many I appreciate...
Hiroshi Sugimoto, Andreas Gursky, George Rousse, Tierney Gearon, Michael Wesely, Astrid Korntheuer, Marja Pirilä, Taryn Simon, my former professors Pertti Kekarainen and Martin Liebscher and many more...

How and where do you find your inspiration ?

Again, this is very complex; by many things I am inspired. It could be other photographers, artists or just things I see outside while walking through this world. I am travelling a lot, just to see different things, what is always inspiring.

Your work seems focused more on still life than portrait, can you tell us more about your approach ? Can you explain your creative process?

I don't really know why there is always no people in my pictures. I like to take my time with the camera and the world in front of my lens. For me it is a little meditation, it could take an hour sometimes to decide what is the right perspective. And this would not be possible with moving people.

timo klos

Nachtkerze I


Nachtkerze II

Tell us more about your latest work « Nachtkerze » ? How did you capture these images ?

The idea is similar to the one of the series Sightseeing. The places for the images I found in my daily environment, means in my room or outside the house. The horizon for example is just the gab between a door and a floor, the cosmos is my dirty window board and so on. I searched for the right perspective in order to make the small landscape to a huge one. Furthermore I underexposed every image, so that the darkness hides the evidences of the small scale (door, floor)..

Orr_Last beer in Erotaja, 20 minutes.jpeg

Orr Last beer in Erotaja, 20 minutes

Your series called Orr, are the only pictures with Human apparitions, but you've chosen to manipulate these images. We can only imagine the people behind these clear shadows. Can you explain the process, how and why did you do this?

I didn't manipulate these images. All my pictures so far are made with simple analog cameras and not by a software program.
During what may have been the last ten days with my girlfriend I tried to capture our last time together and I exposed every moment as long as it lasted. For example a single picture could take 9 hours while we were sleeping or 12 minutes while showering. Caused to the long exposures the images got blurry, bright and colorful.

How do you usually like to shoot (digital…)?

I shot all my series on film so far, mostly with a middle format camera on 6 by 7 centimeters dia-slides. Right now I am working on a new series; for the first time with a digital camera.

What's your dream project?

The one I am working on right now, but it is still secret, sorry, but as soon as I got images ready I let you know : ) !
It will be huge images; collages of many small pictures, full of details.

What's next for you?

Continue working on my new work, making exhibitions, looking for scholarships and places to teach.