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Mirror Mirror ©Maximo Del CastilloMaximo Del Castillo
Mirror Mirror ©Maximo Del Castillo

Who are you Maximo Del Castillo? Tell us a little about you ? What is your background ? When, how and why did you decide to become a photographer... ?
I studied advertising and I work as an art director... I think i became a photographer during my first photography class... Them i started bringing my camera everywhere... And started to produce gigas...

 Absolut Blank©Maximo Del Castillo

Absolut Blank ©Maximo Del Castillo

Are you inspired by contemporary photographers?
Indeed, one of the first photographers that I meet and loved, was NaN Goldin. I remember that she said, "I became a photgrapher because I wanted to document reality, my reality, not the one is on tv". That became my motto... I am very fond of Martin Parr as well and his cynicism, and fan of Cobra Snake and his lovely close up.

Which are your favorite subjects?
I guess my friends and the people around me.

Maximo Del Castillo - Interview

Retratos ©Maximo Del Castillo

How and where do you find your inspiration?
My inspiration came with the day to day, hanging with my cam in hands and paying attention to details. Sometimes, I visit one or two times the same place till I know the people there, and then I start

Retratos ©Maximo Del Castillo

Retratos ©Maximo Del Castillo

How do you usually like to shoot (digital…)?
I use booth... there is some feeling and magic that digital still can't give you. I have a few cameras one of them is half format I think is the one I live the most... but I have to buy film in other countries here is very rare to find.

And what is your creative process?
I guess observation, getting close to the subject and then shoot.

What's your dream project?
I always wanted to travel and document the sky in different countries...

Maximo Del Castillo

Concurso ©Maximo Del Castillo

What's next for you?
I want to have and individual and print in big scale.

Autoretrato©Maximo Del Castillo

autoretrato ©Maximo Del Castillo